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We are a Family of Friends living on the island of Minjerribah off the Pacific Coast of Australia in the Ancestral Territory of the Quandamooka People (Moreton Bay).  In deep respect and gratitude to the Traditional Custodians past and present, we have come from many lineages of Ancestors,  to live here alongside the Pacific Ocean (Te Moana Nui E Kiwa).

With deep humility in our walk upon the Earth, we are guided by our Ancestors, the cherished Indigenous Elders we have come to know and love and our Living Mother Earth.  We devote our lives to protecting, regenerating and celebrating Life, united in a common vision of Urgent Regeneration of our Earth for the next 500 years.

This can be a GOOD time.

– O U R  e v e r  g r o w i n g  T E A M –
How we walk the 5 Sacred Pathways
of Regenerating Culture


Billa Lauiti-Kolkr

Food As Medicine:  YOUNG COCONUTS!!!!  100% organic whole food diet, no compromises.

Nature Connection & Rewilding: I am a longtime barefooter, it keeps me connected to the mother, I sleep under the stars and I stare at the sun. The ocean nourishes my soul. Going walkabout is my favourite thing.  Animals are our teachers..

Art As Medicine: My art is village building! The art of asking at every turn “What is possible here?” Dancing is my medicine.

Ceremony and Ritual: Sun-gazing, tree gazing and ocean gazing, absorbing the colours of Nature is definitely a daily ritual for me  – feet on the earth daily, stars overhead nightly.

What I Bring To The Village:  I bring strong vision for sacred living in sanctuary.  I hold the space for everyone’s gifts to emerge in cocreation and reconnect to the magic we were born to live in here on Earth.  I bring Ancestral wisdom from the light of the North.

Chief Ioushiikiewa

“Chief ” Lauiti-Kolkr

Food As Medicine: Smoothies with at least 6 bananas, turmeric, chia seeds, coconut, dates and avocados.

Nature Connection & Rewilding: Going for a surf and sleeping most nights at the beach under the stars, it’s even more special when the dolphins swim near you which happens  regularly around here!

Art As Medicine: Creating tribal and Polynesian inspired pencil and ink drawings.

Ceremony and Ritual: Each day I alkalize my body in the morning by juicing half a lemon into a glass of water and take Fenugreek oil drops three times a day. Fire Keeping is big medicine when I drop in with creation.

What I Bring To The Village: I bring my ancestral Polynesian and Melanesian roots that have been influenced in a Western and surfing culture way, as well as using old indigenous and traditional ways in informing and creating new paths of learning and living to share.

IMG_9259Meredith “Moonsoul” Wilson

Food As Medicine:  Clean eating is my lifestyle and everyday I start with a superfood smoothie and organic apple/nut mix, tis the best way to start my day!

Nature Connection and Rewilding: That alone quiet time spent with the earth, connecting back into the many layers of nature is the one place where I find solace, comfort and my heart.

Art As Medicine: Experiencing and observing creativity in any form is medicine for me. Music, dance, doodling, craft… all connects me to the essence of creation.

Ceremony & Ritual: Good food, good music, goods smells, good senses are a daily ritual for me and when celebrating in ceremony gratitude & joy, truth & love is my way of holding space for nut just myself but the collective also.

 What I bring to the Village: Left Wing ~ Crow Woman. I bring my quirky uniqueness to the village in a myriad of ways – Administration, kitchen hand, energy healer, deep listener, spiritual awareness,  student, teacher, poet and lover of life. I am the first point of contact in the Village and Friend to all!


Courtney Webb

Food As Medicine: Seasonal nourishing traditions! Winter  – Warm elixir tea brewed from fresh turmeric, ginger, lemon juice, spices and medicinal mushrooms. Summer – banana smoothie made with frozen banana, freshly ground vanilla and cayenne pepper, coco water +flesh.

Nature Connection & Rewilding: Morning meditation followed by stretch + ocean surf/swim/run with my white wolf, Myakoda. Barefoot portal walk/run through the rainforest, tree climbing, cold water plunging.

Art As Medicine:  Movement Medicine is my art. Swimming in the ocean is my most favourite feeling in the world. Having the water element glide against my skin magnifies my connection to the experiential gift of human sensation. Body surfing is pure bliss to me, but if there is no motion in the ocean I create it through the use of my body by stretching, reaching, pulling, pushing, kicking, diving, twisting and turning. 

Ceremony and Ritual: Daily fire gazing! Whether it be an outdoor campfire or candle lit flame, fire’s powerful alchemic nature soothes me, releases me of any negativity and realigns my body-mind-soul like nothing else.  Hot Epsom salt bath with essential oils and clay.

What do I bring to the Village?: The most obvious physical element seen in most tribal people persons throughout history was their robust posture and impeccable core condition. Something I believe we have lost over time to our western lifestyles and the eradication of essential indigenous modalities. I am passionate about guiding people back to this nature human state through a process of physical habilitation. By awakening the innate intelligence within our body and restoring functional movement efficiency humans can truly thrive.


SallySally Mcadam
Food As Medicine:  
I have recently made a life changing choice…. and am now a Vegan! I wholeheartedly believe that food is medicine and the saying “we are what we eat” rings true! Growing food and eating organic local produce is very important to me!

Nature Connection & Rewilding: Being in the embrace of the ocean, listening to the sea breeze! Sharing wilderness expeditions with all Beings and being observant of the weather, the clouds, the birds, and spending as much time as possible outside is how I feel connected!

Art As Medicine:  Collecting feathers, found like treasures, hidden especially for me. Listening and dancing to beats that journey through my body and mind. Creating meals with what’s only on hand. Sharing stories and planning adventures while being curious about what could be….!

Ceremony and Ritual: Living in LOVE, stretching and singing! I follow the moon cycle, watching the tide, setting intentions and celebrating the cycles of change.

What I Bring To The Village: Enthusiasm and love for all things nature based! A passion for living with nature’s systems and love of and for the ocean! Energy to be involved in all projects that are heart centred with the intention of co creation and for the good of ALL.

Gene Cundith

Gene Cundith

Food As Medicine: Fresh, local and organic produce. A cold pressed super juice in the morning and a freshly caught fish cooked on an open fire at night.

Nature Connection & Rewilding: Sitting in beauty and stillness, breathing, listening and sinking in my roots. The ocean and surfing has always been my medicine, an unending source of inspiration, health and happiness.

Art As Medicine: Creating large visionary graffiti and street art murals, painting acrylics and illustrations inspired by visions and dreams, nature and ancient stories and mythology. Sharing my main passion and creative medicine with the world is one of my deepest purposes.

Ceremony and Ritual: Everyday I ask myself, “What happiness and love did I share today?” And always to be still, give thanks, praise, to meditate, contemplate and believe.

What I Bring To The Village: My abilities in connecting and sharing warmth and creativity through my passions, a belief and faith in integrating the Indigenous ways of living into the paradise each of us on Earth share, bound with the strength of Jah love and compassion.

Julie Pretyman

Julie Pretyman

Food As Medicine: I follow a simple Ayurvedic, organic plant based diet, using spices, preparing my meals is now such a ritual in itself! I also grow some of it and buy fresh, organic, unpacked ingredients.

Nature Connection & Rewilding: Regular walks in the bush or on the beach. I especially love walking on the beaches as this always cleanses and restores, especially when I can dive into the waves with the sun shining. I often sit in silence in Nature to simply observe and listen to her guidance.

Art As Medicine: I enjoy painting ‘visual meditations’ – intuitively connecting with the vibration of colour and its healing qualities and insights it reveals.

Ceremony and Ritual: Music, Qi Gong in Nature to start the day or on special occasions I light a fire outdoors under a starry, moonlit night! Meditation, chanting, dancing in groups as a way to express joy, to release and feel connected.

What I Bring To The Village: Programs that help all ages to connect to and want to learn to care for our Earth. ‘Kaleidoscopes’ uses the language of colour to understand our inner life of feelings, and ‘Earth Wisdom’ goes deeper into our connection with the natural world. They are creative, playful experiences for all ages to discover and share wisdom together. This is what makes my heart truly sing.

T H E   P A C I F I C  V I L L A G E

C U L T U R E  O F  R E G E N E R A T I O N 

O C E A N  . E A R T H .  K I N S H I P

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    Inspired by your earth honouring vision. Many blessings as the community grows and thrives.

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