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  1. Kelly Swieca says:

    Sorry I mistyped on the message Billa. I love what you do but I am over here in Chicago Il. I just love to eavesdrop on the things you are kind enough to share with me. They heal my spirit.

  2. Elissa says:

    I just want to say I am happy to find you! and wish you well, blessings, prosperity and abundance! Your work is truly most important. thank you xx

  3. jingki says:

    Very interested to meet with one of your representatives. Living in Nimbin. Original Sovereign from the west.

  4. Theon says:

    I am so blown out of my socks that you guys are doing what you are doing!!!
    I so want to be part of this project ! Will definitely be keen in doing the Indigenous Studies and Permaculture Diploma!! Fantastic Project !!!

  5. Mahli says:

    Hiya Billa, I am Mahli, a 32 teacher of children/student of nature connection. I am on the rewilding journey, have been studying nature connection in the UK (WildWIse and 8 Shields) over the last year, and am now home taking my own learning journey through 2016. I am very interested in the project, wow it sounds amazing and it speaks very strongly to me. I am in Byron to see my mum over Solstice/Christmas, any gatherings on? Would love to make contact with your amazing project and people. Or sometime in 2016?

    • Billa Kgari says:

      Hi MAhli,
      Thanks for connecting! we would love to meet you, however we are not in byron over the summer as we are having a baby very very soon and have relocated to the island (Minjerribah/stradbroke) please message on and as soon as we can we will be in touch.. much love~!

  6. Melinda Young says:

    Wow wow wow I have only become aware of this amazing opportunity to help future and present generations three days ago and I cannot stop thinking about how I can manifest myself there in 2017
    If you could let me know of any offers of the 8 week program in 2017 I would be deeply honoured to become a part of this journey

  7. so glad to reconnect with you brievely and learn what you are doing upside down from here ( British columbia). do you have actually the support of the academic world to do that? you might want to connect with a similar project of earth university in Kerala India. gautham is the son of the couple who started this alternative school over 20 years ago . they were into natural way of farming and raw foods at the time i met them . tell them i connected you to them

    • Thanks Jean-Claude, our model is unique and a game changer in how we “partner” with academic courses. Happy to explain it to you sometime. Thanks for the connection to India. Love Billa

  8. Lindsay Gosse says:

    My heart brims to discover such visions are being created. Wow. Blessing to everyone for your service to creating such an incredible space. I hope to connect.
    Big love!

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