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IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. IT TAKES SOME MONEY TO RAISE A VILLAGE! We’ve got a MISSION:  To regenerate our Earth, build eco-villages and restore traditional Culture throughout the Pacific and beyond. .  And……. support 200 young leaders each year in regenerative leadership, mastery in eco-village design and inspired project management.  Our Leadership students will learn to do everything experientially, everything that it takes to initiate and manage a sustainable village sensitive to its place, either in anRead more

27 Life Hacks for Permaculture Living

PERMACULTURE LIFE HACKS Free-Birthed Paikea in the bush, off-grid January 2016 Arrived to Island to camp February 2016 Started camping Earth School Property March 2016 Established Food Forest April 2016 Gutted MainHouse May 2016….. We are working our way through Milkwoods  Permaculture life habits list and even a few more here at the Pacific Village. How many of these are you already doing or planning to do in the next year? We’d love to hear from you.. We’ll use thisRead more


ISLAND PERMACULTURE 2017 experience is here…. spiritofpacifica We’re inviting a small group of students to live and learn with our family on beautiful Stradbroke Island this year. Anyone can apply but preference is given to friends of friends and #students studying #permaculture and #agroecology by correspondence (still time to apply with#riverinatafe – go here to check their courses out). More info on study options while staying with us here. Daily routine revolves around building, organic gardening, surfing, studying and cooking. If these are yourRead more

Life in the main street…

Spirit put us here in this place. The main street of Dunwich or Goompi as the traditional name says. Everyone can see this urban farm unfolding and growing. We are on full-time display. That has its pros and its cons, but generally theres a steady intensity about living in the main st of a town. Today we up-cycled some soil and concrete from our back neighbours new sewer connection. Everyone in this town must connect to the sewer within aRead more

New Way Dreaming – Oolalee!

Celebrating Our Strength: New Way Now, Oolalee!  We recently hosted our friend and Elder Senior Lore Woman Napanangka Nelly Patterson from the central desert of Australia: ULURU. Nelly is a keeper of The Seven Sistars Dreaming and 13 Grandmothers star skin Lore of Creation She is a keeper of the waterhole dreaming of ULURU, our world’s heart creation portal. She has been visiting on the East Coast of Australia, particular in the Byron Bay area, the most easterly point to open theRead more

Journal of a Village Building Mama….

IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD… Years ago, I had a lovely cookbook called Dear Sophia written by an Italian Mama for her daughter and as she shared recipes she shared family stories and histories.. I just loved it. I’ve decided the best way to share with the world what we are doing to build a village for our child while being a devoted Mama to my daughter’s adventure on Earth, is to share a regular journal writing toRead more

The BioCultural / Shamanic Origins of Christmas by Matt Toussaint

Have you ever wondered why in modern Christmas tradition we do the things we do?  What is the origin of the Christmas tree, with the star on top, decorations about, and all the brightly wrapped presents beneath?  by Matt Toussaint Or the idea behind Santa Claus who jets around the globe in a magic sleigh with flying reindeer – defying both time and space – to deliver the world’s children a bounty of Christmas gifts?  And since when did Santa andRead more

New Moon Journal – Birth: The Ultimate Quest

Within this next Moon Cycle I may give Birth.  Today the Sun and New Moon in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius asks “What is the nature of truth, meaning and enlightenment and how can I continually expand my vision?” WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE?  The purpose of life is LIFE itself. To know oneself as Cocreator with Creation. There is nothing that will pull that more into complete embodied, focus then BIRTH. Mothers of all species are the heroes of creation – conceiving, carryingRead more

Ceremony and Ritual: The Seen and the Unseen

Spirituality among the Dagara people by Sobonfu Some I grew up in southwestern Burkina Faso, where the houses are built with mud and nicely polished with cow dung and ash. The children have their own rooms; the women have their rooms; and the men have their room. It is not to promote gender differences or sexism but is a way for men, women, and children to be able to meet their needs. Men and women often come together, but alwaysRead more